Let’s hear it! – Social Media

I interviewed a few awesome teens at my library about the social media services that they use most often – here’s what they had to say: Blue

“I only use Facebook.” – Jenn W., 17

“ooVoo on mobile and Facebook Messenger.” – Nick L., 15 (Full disclosure, I had to ask what ooVoo is. Turns out it’s a really neat video chatting application with a lot of features including instant messaging and file sharing. Always learning new things at the library. Thanks, Nick.)

“I don’t use any really.”  – Ron S., 18 (I’m pretty sure this means “I have a Facebook profile, but I don’t actively use it.”)

“Facebook is my favorite and the one I use the most. I also like MeetMe.”  – Jon S., 17 (MeetMe allows users to connect through online games and geolocation in the hopes that you make some new friends.)

“NONE.” – Katie S., 14 (Look at you Katie, living off the grid in this uber-connected world. Very cool.)

“Facebook is the only one I use.” – Preston S., 14

“The social media platforms that i use the most are Facebook, Instagram, and Vine. If YouTube counts, then I use that as well. I LOVE YouTube much more than the other social media services becuase it opens my eyes up to other people’s life experiences, skills, and enjoyments in life.” – Corrine E., 16 (Very well said, Corrine.)


It looks like Facebook came out on top as the most popular social media platform used by the teens I surveyed. Interestingly, some of the other most commonly cited platforms like Twitter and Tumblr were not mentioned at all.


What about you? Which websites and apps do you use to connect with family or friends?

Anastasia Vito © 2014


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