Just One Day

Forman, Gayle. Just One Day. New York: Dutton Books, 2013. Print. ISBN 13: 9780525425915. Hardback. $17.99.

Annotation: When straight-laced Allyson takes a chance on a charming stranger named Willem, she had no idea how much just one day in Paris could change her life.


Sometimes the best way to find out what you’re supposed to do is by doing the thing you’re not supposed to do.

Allyson Healey is a Good Girl. She got top grades in high school, always obeys her parents, and will be Pre Med next year in college. She doesn’t even go out partying during her European vacation. Then she meets handsome and charismatic Willem and he invites her to spend just one day in Paris. And for the first time in her life, Allyson easily says yes to adventure.

Dealing with the fallout of her impulsive decision proves to be much more difficult. Allyson is left to try to fit back into her neatly organized life. Willem may not have turned out to be what was expected – but neither has Allyson.

Coming to terms with her own desires and potential, Allyson goes on a tumultuous journey of self-discovery that all began when she tried something different – when she said yes.

I know what you’re thinking: what can happen in just one day? Allyson will tell you, “Absolutely anything.”

Want to hear Willem’s side of the story? You can. He’ll tell you everything that happened in Just One Year.


Dine like Willem and Allyson: hagelslag, Nutella crepes and Macarons.

Just One Day is on YALSA’s list of Best Fiction for Young Adults (2014).


Try your hand at making your own Nutella crepes:

YOUR OPTIONS: Just One Day is available in print, eBook, and downloadable audio formats.

Anastasia Vito © 2014


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