Let’s hear it! – Realistic fiction

I interviewed a few awesome teens at my library about whether or not they read realistic fiction and why – here’s what they had to say:Orange

“I think that in some cases, I enjoy realistic fiction because of the imagination put into real-life facts. But in some scenarios, writers make their books too fact-based and less imaginary.” – Corrine E., 16

“No, because real life is boring.” – Jon S., 17 

“I do like reading realistic fiction books because I love reading all the time.” – Jenn W., 17

“Sometimes, it depends.” – Preston S., 14

“Yes, I just like to give every genre a shot and I enjoy realistic fiction a lot. I like the idea of reading something and believing it’s real.” – Ron S., 18

“Most of the time I do not find myself reading realistic fiction, I prefer fantasy and science fiction.” – Katie S., 14

“Yes, because I wouldn’t be able to write fiction without it being realistic.” – Nick L., 15


So it looks like there were 3 for yes, 2 for it depends, 1 not really, and 1 resounding no. I feel like that’s a pretty even spread of answers. I appreciated that some of the teens mentioned that they’ll read realistic fiction – when it’s realistic. I find myself having this issue too sometimes. There can be a certain plot twist or character’s feature that will make me shut the book with a “Nope, I don’t buy that.” 


How do you feel about realistic fiction? Do you think it’s boring? Or that it actually requires more imagination to write realistically than a fantasy novel?

Anastasia Vito © 2014


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